• Can I bring fireworks to Fiddlehead?
    No – not allowed on the property. Nothing will get you kicked out faster than violating this rule.
  • What ages are allowed at Fiddlehead?

All campers must be over 18 years old, unless accompanied by their legal guardian.

ALL campers must show a valid ID at check in.

  • Late Fee:
  • $50 per vehicle after 11pm on Friday
    12:00 Midnight the gates is hard locked and you may check in at 8:00 am on Saturday
    All other nights gate locks at 10pm and opens at 7:00am
  • Can I buy supplies at Fiddlehead?
    Yes. You will be able to get your firewood, ice and many other supplies at our store.
  • Are reservations needed?
    Yes. See “Reservations” page for reservation-only weekends.
  • How can I avoid rowdy groups canoeing the river?
    Camping at Fiddlehead may help. The Saco River has something of a reputation as a “party” river – especially on summer week-ends. Campers at Fiddlehead agree to standard campground rules that help control noise and unruly behavior. Security staff is on duty Fridays and Saturdays. Canoe-camping Sunday to Thursday is a quieter experience.
  • Does the fee per person or per campsite? 
  • The fee is is PER PERSON. We are a unique campground in this. If you have any questions, please call us.
  • Can I reserve a particular site or beach?
    Yes. Many folks have a long tradition of camping at a particular site or beach year after year. Be sure to call and make a reservation early to ensure you get your favorite place!