Overall Campground Rating: excellent.

What stood out? You get to sleep right on the beach next to the Saco River, a perfect location. Tons of groups around us go every year too, so after a few years people start looking familiar.

Owners and Staff: Nice guys.

They do a good job here. Always friendly, they don’t hassle people over reasonable noise or fire size.

Overall Site Quality: excellent

Good/Bad sites: No real site numbers, just camp on the beach wherever you choose. Campsite hookups: primitive tent Campsite Descriptions: Sunny and open, wooded, large and spacious, sandy bottom, picnic table, fire ring, not a good choice for kids – no electricity or running water. A great choice for people looking to get away and not be hassled for talking loud. Owners always seem friendly, and each year they make improvements. Every year our group gets larger, because everyone loves this place. Last comments: This campground defines “getting away.” Low on amenities, but there’s a reason why thousands of people come back every year.

Great site

Employees did all they possibly could to accommodate our needs to make us feel comfortable. Busy on the weekend but still tried to maintain a relationship with us. We were there Friday – Monday nights. July 30th – August 2nd

Thank You

Thank you once again from all of us “”Top of the Islanders” for a fantastic time! Thanks for everything!! You guys do a great job!! See you in the summer!! 

Wilderness Camping

Ignore the folks who don’t understand “Wilderness Camping” No room service, electric or hot water hookups, go to Eastern Slope for crowded park camping. Come here for a WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE like no other. Canoe, Kayak or tube right outside your tent on massive sandy beaches in crystal clear water. No campers with screaming babies and 50 Wanderlust’s parked 12 feet from your tent. You should come in a 4WD or arrive by water, but the kids camped a quarter mile down from us made it in a Toyota Corolla. This is a place where you see stars, hear tree frogs and crickets and smell the air. If you want comforts of a hotel, go to a hotel. Our kitchen was a Coleman stove, our tent had a nice air mattress and our raging fire in a simple stone pit was most memorable, Wilderness camping at its best!