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Saco River Camping – Fryeburg, Maine


It is with my deepest regret and sincerest apology that Fiddlehead has been forced to close for the remainder of the 2023 season. It comes with the utmost respect for our campers and loyal patrons, all of whom have been displaced and dismayed from this experience and outcome and for it I am deeply sorry. I, as owner, take the fullest responsibility for allowing such an inconvenience to occur and only wish to rectify and amend the circumstances surrounding such formidable obstacles.

Every measure was attempted to avoid this outcome.

My condolences are beyond words for the families and groups affected by these events, those who seek to pursue and enjoy the land here and all it’s splendor are the driving force behind my endeavoring to remain operable, yes in defiance of possessing appropriate licensure, for that I must own and accept my mishandling and poor judgement.

All focus is now being aimed at properly refunding and reconciling monies deposited to hold sites and/or reservations paid in full. The list is long but I assure everyone that every effort is being made to ensure not a single individual goes overlooked. I can’t give enough thanks for the patience sent from all loyal patrons.


2023 Tubing & Shuttles

We regret to inform you that we will not be offering our tube rental or shuttle services for the 2023 season. As many of you know, Fiddlehead Campground primarily resides in a flood zone – meaning every year the Saco River floods our campground in the spring. Unfortunately, all of our shuttle vehicles and equipment were damaged in the most recent flood leaving us no choice but to pull the plug on it for this season.

We do encourage guests staying with us to utilize our 3.5 miles of campground property that runs along the river. Our sincere apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused. We also highly recommend checking out other local tubing and shuttle service businesses!

We look forward to bringing this service back for the 2024 season!

We have excellent group camping options and we have the process dialed!

Groups Welcome

There is nothing quite like your friends or family gathered around the fire-  laughing, toasting marshmallows, escaping the realities of every day – put the electronics away and focus on the good stuff!

Saco River Camping

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